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Lake Chaparral is the fifth lake community developed by Genstar.  The lake and the adjoining park are a prestigious amenity built for the use and enjoyment of the residents of Lake Chaparral.

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Message from Facility Management

Lake Ice

Hello Chaparralians,


I know that many of you are wondering why we are once again under a Red Flag and are unable to access the lake ice, even though we have had cooler temps in the last week or two.

We have recently had a number of incidents where the ice has become unsupportive with the result that both staff and residents have broken through the ice. In all instances no one was injured and we are thankful for those outcomes. We don’t want anyone to have that type of experience.

Even under ideal conditions ice can be unpredictable and our maintenance staff tests the ice conditions on a regular basis. This testing has shown that we are unfortunately experiencing “Spring Ice Conditions” – even though it’s technically not spring yet. This happens when there are cycles of freezing and warming temperatures which describes Calgary weather, especially this year.

The Calgary Fire Department specifically warns about unpredictability of ice conditions and that Spring Ice is dangerous and unstable:

“While Mother Nature may still provide cold enough weather to keep the ice frozen, spring ice is terrible ice.... It may be thick but it’s always weaker at this time of year. As the lake ice melts, it undergoes a process known as candling, which weakens it along vertical channels. This process can dramatically affect the integrity of a thick sheet of ice. As a result, ice thick enough to support a vehicle in January, can become so weak that it may not support the weight of a child in March.”

There are many factors that affect lake ice in Calgary. Some of these factors are micro climates that vary from community to community, wind conditions, lake size and depth. Due to the variability of these factors and unpredictability of spring ice, other man-made lakes in Calgary may or may not currently be open or may re-open as ice conditions change. Regardless of whether or not a lake currently has open or closed ice, all man-made lakes in Calgary adhere to very similar safety guidelines.

We know how much our residents enjoy being able to use and access all of our facilities, but we cannot responsibly put at risk the safety of our residents, staff or equipment. Safety is always our primary concern in regards to lake ice conditions.  At this time the lake ice has been closed. As weather and ice conditions change, it may re-open but will only do so when we have tested and determined that it is safe to do so.  Given the weather forecast for the next few weeks showing above average temperatures that are not much below freezing it is unlikely the lake ice will re-open this year.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


New System

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The Lake Chaparral Residents Association has transitioned to a new version of software! This online program will allow you to book facilities, as well as pay annual fees if you are a homeowner in the community. If you have ever provided LCRA with your email before, an online account has already been created for you – however you will need to reset your password.


To get started, go to and click Login in the top right corner. You will be directed to the Sign in page. Once there, click on Forgot password?



Next, type in the email address that you had previously given.



Password reset instructions will then be sent to your email. If the email address you entered is not recognized, please contact the office by email at, or by phone at 403-254-4148, and we will assist you in creating your account. If no email is received, please check your SPAM folder.

Easter Event

April 8th 2017 10am-12pm




     Please come join us April 8th from 10am-12pm for our Easter Event.

Easter Bunny will be making an appearance, and will hide a special golden egg to be found with the

clues he has carefully left. Treats will be given for finding the golden egg.

Butterfield Acres will be here with adorable spring animals to cuddle and love up.

A Child First Preschool will be there to help the youngsters make a fantastic craft to take home to remember the awesome day at Lake Chaparral.










Lake Conditions

Update on ice conditions

We have some information on the reasons behind our poor ice conditions for the Lake this year. Take some time to read the following links to further understand this years frustrations.




UPDATE: March 15,2017

Upper rink is Closed

The lake is Closed

Lake Chaparral

Due to safety concerns, we have re-closed the lake ice.