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Lake Chaparral is the fifth lake community developed by Genstar.  The lake and the adjoining park are a prestigious amenity built for the use and enjoyment of the residents of Lake Chaparral.

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Wildlife at Lake Chap


Hello Chaparralians,

 It's Spring in Lake Chaparral and soon the animals will have little babies following them around. We ask residents and guests to please leave all wildlife alone during this time as the babies are very vulnerable. You can observe them from a safe distance but please watch and teach children about animal safety and the importance of leaving them alone so they do not get harmed.


Geese tend to be more aggressive at this time of year as well, should you have an encounter with an aggressive goose, please let our office know asap so we can get the Wildlife Officers here to relocate them and/or their nests.


With everyone cooperating in this we will have a park filled with lovely wildlife to adore. That is our goal.



New System

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The Lake Chaparral Residents Association has transitioned to a new version of software! This online program will allow you to book facilities, as well as pay annual fees if you are a homeowner in the community. If you have ever provided LCRA with your email before, an online account has already been created for you – however you will need to reset your password.

To get started, go to and click Login in the top right corner. You will be directed to the Sign in page. Once there, click on Forgot password?

Next, type in the email address that you had previously given.

Password reset instructions will then be sent to your email. If the email address you entered is not recognized, please contact the office by email at, or by phone at 403-254-4148, and we will assist you in creating your account. If no email is received, please check your SPAM folder.

Message from the President of Lake Chaparral Resident Association

Property Improvements

Greetings Neighbours and Lake Chaparral Residents!


 Now that spring is officially here, I know that in our household, my wife and I's thoughts are turning to outside yard and property improvement projects. I suspect that we are not alone in this.


Did you know that if you live in Lake Chaparral you have restrictive covenants and architectural guidelines on your properties? I know that most new residents do, as you would have reviewed those covenants and architectural controls with your lawyers when competing the property purchase agreements. But for some longer-term residents you may not recall as its been some time since moving into the neighbourhood.

These covenants make Lake Chaparral a wonderful place to live and include, most familiar to you, the requirement to pay a yearly fee to maintain the lake property, common property grounds that includes entrance features (the Chaparral signs) and some other areas of the community. If you are curious as to what areas belong to the Residents Association, check in at the Lake office.


Many of the other items in the covenants are similar to the City of Calgary By-Laws and around residential properties, but are a little more stringent with the eye to maintaining  Lake Chaparral as a premier community in Calgary. Fences would be a good example of this. In Calgary, you are not allowed to have your fence fall into disrepair, the same bylaw also applies to Chaparral. What our covenant adds is that the fence must be the same colour and type as was originally put up by the developer Genstar. For most of us this makes no difference as we didn`t have developer supplied fences. For those of us who have a beige perimeter fence (wood or stucco) a corner feature fence, a fence with stone pillars or a chain link fence next to green space, this means we cannot change the fence type or colour. It also means the burden of maintaining that fence is on us as the home owner whose property it is on.

There are a number of other items covered in the covenants that include swales, garden sheds and clothes lines to name a few. To add some complexity to this not always well understood topic, Genstar had slightly different covenants applied to each phase of development in Chaparral. If you no longer have a copy of your covenant, it may not match a neighbour`s depending on what phase each of your homes was in. The best way to find out what your specific covenant contains is to find your original document or visit the lake office where the staff have copies of all the covenants available.


When you are contemplating an improvement project for your property, please remember to check your covenant as well as the applicable City of Calgary By-laws before you begin your project. It`s much easier to remain compliant than it is to have to fix something you have already built or changed. Again, please contact the lake office with any questions around covenants on our properties.


Have a great spring and summer season,


Murray Hunt

President, Lake Chaparral Residents Association.


Fishing 2017

Time to Fish!

Fishing from the shore is now open. Boats are not available at this time as ice still remains on parts of the lake.

Due to supply issues we remain catch and release, at this time.

Please, no fishing from the beach area or the boat docks. Only barbless hooks and one rod per angler are permitted.


Thank you and good luck with the fishing!