Q: Where are the Lake Chaparral park, lake, and office?

A: The park, lake, and office are all located at 225 Chaparral Drive SE, Calgary, AB.

Q: What is the guest policy?

A: You can view the most current Guest Policy by clicking here.

Q: What are the park and office hours?

A: You can view the most current hours of operation by clicking here.

Q: When are annual fees due?

A: Membership fees are due by July 1st of every year and can be paid at the LCRA Office via cheque, debit card, or exact cash. You may also pay online via credit card; please note, we do not accept credit card payments on-site.

All cheques must be made payable to the Lake Chaparral Residents Association Ltd.

Q: How can I book a Cookshack or Function Room?

A: You can book Cookshacks in-person at the LCRA Office, over the phone, or through our website by clicking here. All Function Room bookings must be made in-person at the LCRA Office.

Q: When was the lake last stocked with fish? What fish are in the lake?

A: You can view the most recent fish stocking update, along with all fishing information, by clicking here.

Q: I live in Chaparral Ridge/Chaparral Valley, do I have access to the lake/park?

A: Unfortunately, these neighbourhoods are currently not able to be included in the Lake Chaparral Residents Association. When Genstar first developed the area and founded the LCRA, encumbrances were only put on the land titles for the properties within Lake Chaparral, excluding the Ridge and Valley properties from memberships and access to amenities.

Q: Can I fly a drone at the lake or park?

A: Information on the restrictions on the usage of drones can be found by clicking here.