Q: What is the guest policy?

A: We are allowing 6 guests per household (excluding children age 12 and under).

Q: What are the park and office hours?

A: While the green flag is up, the park is open from 9am – 10pm. The office is open 10am- 6pm from Monday to Saturday.

Q: When are annual fees due?

A: The encumbrance membership fees are due by July 1st of every year and are payable to The Lake Chaparral Residents Association Ltd. The membership fees may be paid by cheque through
the mail, credit card online, or can be paid directly at the facility office with exact cash, cheque or debit. 

Q: How can I rent a Cookshack or Function Room?

A: You can book through our website or in person in the office. We do not take bookings or payments over the phone.

Q: When was the lake last stocked with fish?

A: Spring 2022.

Q: What colour can I paint my fence?

A: For any questions regarding the restrictive covenants, please email [email protected]