Monthly News

Chaparral Community Newsletter

“Your Chaparral Trailblazer” is a monthly newsletter for the Chaparral communities operated under Great News Media. The LCRA contributes a section detailing significant announcements, planned programs/events for the month, as well as a message from the LCRA General Manager. You can access the most recent versions of the Trailblazer by clicking here.

Please note, the LCRA does not operate this newsletter and is not responsible for content outside of our designated section.

LCRA Monthly Communication Emails

Typically in the first week of each month, the LCRA will send an email to all members (those with email addresses on file) to provide updates on the planned programs/events for the month, and to provide announcements on significant changes, developments, projects, and items of situational awareness.

If you are not receiving these emails, please call the LCRA Office to update the email address(es) we have on file.