Fishing & Ice-Fishing

*Fish were last stocked on: October 18, 2022 (250 brown trout, 300 tiger trout)*

A member wanting to fish must leave their lake card at the facility office before commencing to fish.

The LCRA has implemented Catch & Release Regulations for all trout and grass carp; these regulations require the following:

  • Immediate release of any caught trout or grass carp back to the lake
  • Single hooks only; no treble hooks
  • No use of a fishing net
  • No live bait
  • Minimal handling of the fish; removal of hook with pliers
  • Use of barbless hooks

Note, all perch caught are to be kept or disposed of properly; perch are not to be returned to the lake.

Fishing is only allowed in the following locations and is subject to the following conditions:

  • Along the shoreline in the designated park area west of the boat ramp
  • From row boats and canoes away from dock and beach areas
  • From the shore of individual lake or lake access lots
  • Feeding or baiting fish to lure them to a specific area within the lake is prohibited
  • Fishing by means of netting or trapping is prohibited
  • One fishing rod per person
  • One guest per member can fish
  • Storing of trapped fish within the lake is not allowed
  • Members or guests may NOT use corn or live bait when fishing
  • Cleaning fish inside the park is not permitted at any time

The LCRA recommends the following bait to be used for fishing:

  • Cheese slices
  • Power bait
  • Fresh white bread
  • Small hooks and fly-fishing flies

To ensure a healthy ecosystem for the stocked fish, there is absolutely no introduction of live fish to the lake.

Ice Fishing

  • All general fishing rules apply as expressly stated herein
  • Ice fishing is only permitted when the LCRA determines has removed the “Danger Thin Ice” signs
  • Ice Fishing is not permitted within the LCRA-created skating path, and must not be within 10 meters of any prepared ice surfaces (skating path, hockey rinks); all surfaces may have rough spots so please use caution
  • Fishermen can only have 1 open hole at any given time; all holes must be filled and packed with snow prior to drilling a new one
  • All holes must be minimum of 5 feet apart; ice fishing huts are permitted but must be taken down prior to the listed LCRA closing time
  • Only one guest per member is permitted to fish