Grounds & Snow Removal

The LCRA provides snow removal and landscaping maintenance services in various areas throughout the community of Lake Chaparral, encompassing the main park and facilities located at 225 Chaparral Drive, as well as various other satellite locations and lake access pathways.

To view a community map detailing all areas under the purview of the LCRA, click here.

Non-LCRA Areas

Please note that various additional greenspaces, pathways, medians, sidewalks, schools, playgrounds, and roads in the community of Lake Chaparral fall outside of the jurisdiction of the LCRA. Maintenance, improvements, and work in these areas are the responsibility of the City of Calgary or independent property management (e.g., Chaparral Corner).

If you have concerns about an area under the jurisdiction of the City of Calgary, please contact 311.

If you have any questions about our snow removal or landscaping maintenance services, please email [email protected].