Summer Rules

Beach & Swimming

  • The LCRA management does not provide any form of supervision or lifeguards for lake use and all swimming and beach activities are done at the risk of the Members and guests. Parents or Guardians are responsible for the supervisions of children at all times
  • The use of a flotation device, e.g. inner tubes, air mattresses, and beach toys, can only be used inside the marked swimming area.
  • Life-jackets are required for use with any flotation device outside of the designated swimming area. Please be advised that the City of Calgary Bylaw states that lifejackets must be worn on any flotation device used on a city water way.
  • It is recommended that distance swimmers swim parallel to the swim area and not across the lake. The area across the lake is privately owned and no stopping is allowed.
  • Residents and their guests wanting to distance swim the lake (e.g. Triathlon) are required, as a safety procedure, to sign in and out of the water at the Facility office in the “Divers” binder provided.
  • Please change and dispose of used diapers in the facility washrooms, where receptacles are provided. Changing of diapers on the beach and disposing of diapers in outside garbage cans is not permitted. Swimming diapers are recommended.
  • Clothing is required for everyone using the beach/swim area.
  • Water depth off the beach area can vary. The float balls indicate an average 10ft. depth.
  • The float balls off the beach indicate the cordoned off swimming area boundary.
  • Diving is not permitted anywhere within the lake area.


  • The LCRA management does not provide any form of supervision or lifeguards for park/lake use and all boating activities are done at the risk of the Members and guests.
  • Residents must present their valid lake card at the time of rental, no exceptions. The LCRA cannot accept drivers’ licence or any other form of I.D. The resident on the lake card must match the person making the boat/SUP rental.
  • Boat/SUP use always requires at least one resident on the boat/SUP. Only members 16 years or older are permitted to use the boats alone; any of those aged 15 and younger must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Boating, fishing, and swimming are permitted in designated areas only. The facility office can answer any questions regarding these policies.
  • The facility boathouse provides lifejackets. Please return facility lifejackets immediately after using the boats. 
  • All lakeside residents must provide their own life jackets when using their own boats, SUP boards, canoes, or inflatables of any kind. (e.g. personal floatation devices, inner tubes, etc.)
  • As stated in the City of Calgary Bylaw all residents and guests must always wear lifejackets, when using a personal watercraft or any of the LCRA boats or SUP boards or canoes.
  • All boats should be operated in a prudent and safe manner. Any reckless or dangerous operation of lake equipment may result in temporary suspension to boating privileges, a temporary suspension to Lake membership, or a permanent ban to boating privileges.
  • Wind Surfing is not permitted on the lake at any time.
  • Gas motors are not permitted for use on any boats (except for the LCRA safety motorboat).
  • Electronic trolling motors are permitted. However trolling motors are limited to a maximum 30lbs of thrust (7-8 km/hr max).
  • Battery operated toys/boats may be operated off the shore line between the docks and the first stream bed. Battery toy powered boats are not to exceed 20lbs of thrust (4-5 km/hr max).
  • LCRA facility boats, SUP boards, and canoes must not be pulled up onto the shoreline, rocks, or onto the beach area or any private home or lake access shoreline and access area surrounding the lake. Facility boats must not be taken to or docked at lakefront or lake access properties.
  • Jumping/swimming from any boat is strictly prohibited.
  • All boats must come ashore immediately when potentially hazardous conditions exist, such as lightning, high winds and storms.
  • Announcements will be made and are to be followed. As well, three marine air horn blasts will be made to notify all boaters to come into shore. The blasts will also notify lake homeowners of inclement weather and to avoid using their personal boats during this time. Please watch the following video for Lake Chaparral’s Weather Warning Procedure:
  • During busy times please keep use of boats to 1/2 hour (30 mins).
  • Boats must stay at least 12 feet away from any scuba dive down flag/float. Please do not risk endangering the divers.
  • The BoatHouse does not let any rentals out after 8pm.
  • Facility boats, SUP boards, and canoes must return to docks at least 3/4 hour (45 mins) before closing time.
  • Facility boats, SUP, canoes etc. will be unable for rent an hour before closing time.


  • A member wanting to fish must leave their lake card at the facility office before commencing to fish.

    At this time, the LCRA has implemented a catch and release for (ALL) Trout and Grass Carp. They are to be released immediately and safely returned to the lake. To ensure minimal injury to the fish all lures, hooks and flies must be single hooks only and all hooks must be barbless.

    All perch caught are to be kept or disposed of properly. Perch are not to be returned to the lake.

    All person’s fishing are subject to inspection of their gear and tackle to ensure compliance of the rules.

    Catching and keeping of Grass Carp is not permitted. Grass Carp are to be released immediately and safety returned to the lake.

    Lake lot members must abide by all fishing rules, no exceptions.

    Fishing is only allowed in the following locations and is subject to the following conditions:

    • Along the shoreline in the designated park area west of the boat ramp.
    • From row boats and canoes away from dock and beach areas.
    • From the shore of individual lake or lake access lots.
    • Feeding or baiting fish to lure them to a specific area within the lake is prohibited.
    • Fishing by means of netting or trapping is prohibited. Fishing with a hook and rod only, is permitted.
    • One fishing rod per person.
    • One guest per member can fish.
    • Storing of trapped fish within the lake is not allowed
    • Members or guests may NOT use corn or live bait when fishing
    • Cleaning fish inside the park is not permitted at any time.


    The rules regarding catch and release require:

    • Lip hooking
    • Single hooks only. No treble hooks.
    • No use of a fishing net.
    • No live bait.
    • Proper minimal handling of the fish and removal of hook with pliers; and
    • Use of barb-less hooks

    The recommended bait to use in fishing includes:

    • Cheese slices
    • Power bait
    • Fresh white bread
    • Small hooks and fly-fishing flies

    To ensure a healthy ecosystem for the stocked fish, there is absolutely no introduction of live fish to the lake.

Sports Equipment Rentals

  • All equipment is loaned at the Facility office on a first come, first served basis. LCRA does not offer reservations for equipment.
  • Membership cards are required for any equipment loan and must be left at the Facility office. One membership card allows for one item of equipment to be loaned at a time.

Scuba Diving

  • All resident/teaching divers must sign-in in the office and show current proof of certification before any diving activities can commence.
  • The underwater course was designed for scuba diving. Any other activity would be considered extremely hazardous, and an extreme risk to personal safety. Management will not be held responsible for anyone that does not respect Lake policies. Any violation of the above policy will result in a suspension of privileges for a period that is deemed appropriate by Management.
  • Management suggests calling 12-48 hours prior to diving to book dive date and time with office, availability is on a first come, first served basis.
  • Certified residents can dive weekdays, weekends, and holidays providing the waterfront is open and only during hours of operation for the Lake/Park/Facility.
  • Residents may bring up to 5 guests if all are certified.
  • Only recreational diving (no instruction classes) allowed on Fri, Sat, Sun, Stat holidays unless approved by management.
  • There shall be no diving during park Special Events (i.e. Stampede Breakfast, Movie in the Park, etc.;) unless approved in writing by management.
  • Diving is not permitted from the ‘big rock’ west along the shore in the fishing area. Scuba divers must also stay outside of the swimming area (outlined by the blue and white buoys).
  • The maximum number of divers allowed in the lake to dive at one time is 20 persons.
  • Dive gear must not be left anywhere on beach, please use the grass area on the north side of the walkway by the beach area, before the bridge.
  • Anyone under 18 yrs. must be accompanied by an adult certified diver.
  • All scuba divers (resident/guests) are required to:
    • Present lake membership card
    • Sign in and out at the facility office and must provide proof of their certification card at each dive
    • Sign current waiver form
    • Use a diver down float and flag
    • Dive with a certified partner
    • Divers must exit the water 45 minutes prior to park closing or sunset or if signaled with 3 loud consecutive blasts.

Wheels at the Lake

  • Bicycles, Tricycles, Ride-on Power Toys, etc. are not permitted in the park.
  • Skateboards, Rollerblades, Scooters are only permitted on the top pad. This is at the discretion of the lake staff. The LCRA is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Bike racks are provided outside the park gates, this is the only parking spot for equipment not allowed in the park/lake. Please bring a lock to ensure your bike’s safety. It is the sole responsibility of the member or their guests to properly secure and protect their property, LCRA will not be held responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property.