Safety Flag System

The LCRA maintains a Safety Flag System implemented for the purposes of communicating the open or closed status of the lake/lake ice. The status of the flag can be seen by observing the physical flags (main entrance, boathouse, south-end of the beach), viewing the homepage of the website by clicking here, or by calling the LCRA Office at 403.254.4148.

  • RED Flag = Lake/lake ice is CLOSED to all users.
  • GREEN Flag = Lake/lake ice is OPEN to all users.

Access to the lake/lake ice may be closed for any reasons deemed valid by LCRA management – this may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • If the LCRA safety boat is out of commission or if staffing levels are inadequate.
  • If the water conditions are deemed to be undesirable, unhealthy, or unsafe.
  • If there are issues with the integrity or formation of the lake ice.
  • If inclement weather or other hazardous environmental circumstances arise.

During operating hours, the LCRA closely monitors the safety of the lake/lake ice for public use; however, we cannot guarantee the lake/lake ice is free of all risks. Regardless of the Safety Flag System and the presence of a Green Flag, access and use of the lake/lake ice are done at the sole risk of the member or their guests.

Please note, we do not fly the Red Flag during hours when the facility is designated as closed. All ice fishing and skating on the lake will only be permitted when the LCRA provides authorization; in this case, a Green Flag will go up and all associated signage will be removed.