Property Owners

Membership to the Lake Chaparral Residents Association Ltd. is a mandatory membership for those living within Lake Chaparral, registered as a legal encumbrance on the property land title.

The membership applies to all occupants registered as living at the property in question. To be registered in our system, you must provide valid proof of purchase and fill out a membership form at the LCRA Office, listing your occupants. If you are a property owner and would like to provide access for any tenants renting the property, please click here for more information.

An active LCRA member in good standing (fees paid, no incidents on record) is entitled to the following:

  • Access to the facility, lake, and park during operating hours
  • Free equipment rental (sports equipment, boats, etc.) in accordance with existing rules
  • Reduced rates for Function Room bookings
  • Ability to book the Cookshacks and Large Group Bookings (not available to non-members
  • Free admission to all LCRA-hosted events

Land Titles & Membership Cards

We must receive a copy of the land title to provide physical membership cards; if your land title is delayed, let us know and we’ll place your address on a list. When you arrive on-site, let our staff know the address and your name – if you have registered your membership, then you will be provided access. Once your land title comes in, provide us with a copy to receive your cards.

Membership Fees

Membership fees must be paid annually and are subject to increase yearly based on the prior calendar year’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Alberta, as detailed by Statistics Canada. The due date to pay these fees is typically July 1st of each year; typically, the fees for the upcoming year will be released by the LCRA via email in May or June.

Fees can be paid either online (via credit card) or in-person at the LCRA Office via debit, cheque, or exact cash.

For instructions on how to pay your membership fees online (via credit card only) please click here.