Amenity & Facility Status

Park OPEN   Monday to Sunday, 9am to 10pm
Office OPEN   Monday to Saturday, 10am to 6pm
Guests YES   6 guests per household (excluding children under 12)
Large Group Bookings  OPEN   50 guests maximum per booking
Lakehouse OPEN    
Function Room OPEN   60 guests maximum per booking
Washrooms OPEN    
Lake Skating OPEN    
Top Pad Skating OPEN
Tobogganing OPEN    
Boating   CLOSED  
Boat rentals   CLOSED  
Fishing OPEN    
Beaches   CLOSED  
Swimming   CLOSED  
Walking Paths/ Green Spaces OPEN    
Benches OPEN    
Picnic Tables OPEN    
Playgrounds OPEN    
Exercise Equipment OPEN    
Cookshacks OPEN    50 guests maximum per booking
BBQ pits OPEN    
Basketball   CLOSED  
Tennis/pickleball   CLOSED  
Horseshoe Pits   CLOSED  
Volleyball    CLOSED  
Scuba Diving   CLOSED  
Water fountain   CLOSED  
Foot-shower   CLOSED  
Equipment Rental OPEN