Winter Rules

Ice Rules

  • These rules apply to all residents and their guests. Please ensure that everyone in your household and your guests using the lake facility are aware of these rules and follow all lake use regulations. Lake Chaparral homeowners must be aware of the risks in using the lake facilities and should act accordingly.  As stated in the Member Rules, The Chaparral Residents’ Association considers all users of the lake facility, including members, their families and their guests, to be solely responsible for any loss, accidents or injuries to themselves or others as a result of use of the lake facilities. 

Ice Conditions

  • The Lake Staff will be closely monitoring the ice thickness and the condition of the ice during the winter season. Not withstanding the on-going monitoring, natural ice can and does constantly change. Please ensure you are using appropriate care and caution when you are on the lake. If you wish for more information on lake ice, ice safety and how lake ice can change, please visit the lake house and speak with one of the Lake Staff.
  • Please be advised that the use of the lake and lake ice is forbidden while a “Red” warning flag is displayed. While the “Red” flag is raised, no persons will be allowed use of the lake, open water or ice. This means that the lake staff has determined that the weather, lake or ice conditions are adverse and may pose a significant risk to residents and their guests.

Skating and Hockey

  • The upper rink with fire pit and pathways on lake ice are for pleasure skating only, not hockey – pucks and hockey sticks are not permitted on upper rink.
  • There are three hockey rinks on the lake ice. Hockey and ringette can only be played on these rinks. No one will be allowed on the lake ice until management has determined the ice is an acceptable thickness and the DANGER THIN ICE signs have been taken down. For your own safety please respect the rules and the Safety Flag Warning System.
  • Please be aware that the lake ice is naturally occurring ice, and natural imperfections such as bumps and cracks are inevitable. It is not always possible for staff to maintain lake ice to a rink ice standard. Helmets are strongly recommended.
  • Please use caution when using rubber mats to travel to ice rinks.

Ice Fishing

  • You must leave your lake card at the office before you start fishing.
  • Know what areas you are allowed to fish by looking at the map and asking for clarification from the staff.
  • Lakefront and lake access residents must follow the rules and register catches so that lake management can monitor approximate fish numbers – call the office with your catch numbers (403) 254-4148.
  • One guest allowed to fish with one resident and guests need to follow all of the fishing rules.
  • Ice fishing is only permitted when the CRA determines has removed the “Danger Thin Ice” signs and the Green Flag is flying.
  • Fishermen can only have 1 open hole at any given time. All holes must be filled and packed with snow prior to drilling a new one.
  • All holes must be a minimum of 5 feet apart. Ice fishing huts are allowed but may not be left up overnight.
  • Pack your fishing hole with snow before you go home for the day.
  • Rod and hook fishing only – no net fishing
  • Barbless hooks only
  • One rod per fisher.


  • Tobogganing is only permitted on the designated area on the hill just left of the front waterfall. This is marked by signs and outlined by lights after dark. Anyone tobogganing anywhere else on the hill will have their privileges revoked. Safety is the top priority.
  • Tobogganing is an unsupervised activity and is done at your own risk.
  • Helmets are recommended and parent supervision is advised.
  • No building jumps anywhere on the hill.
  • Please stand outside the riding area to prevent collisions at the bottom of the hill.
  • Be courteous and do not walk up the middle of the hill.