Drop-In Programs

Current Drop-In Program List:

• Good Food Box- Find out more
• Storytime with Shawnessy- Find out more
• Walking Club – Find out more
• Seniors Games – Mondays 12pm – 3pm
• Lake Chap Playgroup – Wednesday 10am – 12pm

Scouts / Beavers

251st Chaparral Scouts

The 251st Chaparral Scouts are an active group in your community. Our mission is to help develop well-rounded youth, better prepared for success in the world. We do this by enabling thousands of young Canadians to engage in safe, youth-led, adventurous programs in hundreds of communities across this great country.

To join Scouts go to

Our program is funded by our fundraising. Currently, we have two fundraisers Scout Popcorn, and an ongoing bottle drive. Due to the current pandemic, we can’t go door to door.

Calling all popcorn lovers. Our popcorn sales will be online this year starting April 15- June 15th, 2021. This year your order will be shipped directly to you. To order some yummy popcorn, and to help your local youth go on amazing adventures please pop over to,

Then scroll down to buy scout popcorn.

You will find a list of our delicious products

At check out please be sure to select our group 251st Chaparral, so our youth receive credit for your purchase.

Our second ongoing fundraiser, if you have extra bottles you would like to donate please go to the Walden Bottle Depot, 19618 Walden Blvd, and request donation to the 251st Chaparral Scouts – Sarah account.

A Big Thank You for supporting our Programs through our many fundraising efforts

With more than 100,000 members, Scouts Canada is the nation’s premier youth-serving organization.

With every new member, with every camp, and every community service project, Scouts Canada makes one simple promise to Canadian youth, parents and society:

Scouts have fun adventures
discovering new things and experiences
they wouldn’t discover elsewhere.
Along the way they develop into capable,
confident and well-rounded individuals,
better prepared for success in the world.
Scouts is the start of something great.
It starts with Scouts.

Devotion Danceworks

Dance Classes for children ages 18 months – 12 years old.


Classes available in:

• Giggle & Groove Parented Class
• Tiny Toes Ballet
• Jazz/Tap/Ballet
• Ballet/Jazz
• Musical Theatre
• Hip Hop
• Acrobatics

Please visit our website at or by contacting Elizabeth Rieb at (403) 828-9675 or [email protected]