Message from the President

Greetings Lake Chaparral Residents:

Thank you for making this a special and wonderful community to live in. Lake Chaparral is a place that I am happy to call home, a place where a community comes together and supports one another. As the new President of the Lake Chaparral Residents’ Association (LCRA), I would like to introduce myself and the new Board of Directors (“BOD”)

My name is Racim Gribaa, my family lives in Chaparral (for about 20 years), I am an economist by trade and proud volunteer on our Lake Chaparral Residents Association previously referred to as CRA now called (“LCRA”), to include the lake and disassociate from the Canada Revenue Agency.

Our new board of directors is formed by outstanding community members dedicated to making our community a better place for everyone. As such our first order of business was to create committees like the health and safety, communications, future vision, maintenance, special projects and governance, volunteers, that are lead with a representative of our community including, a firefighter, a police officer, an information technology specialist, accounting and finance experts, an industrial process expert, a retired corporate executive, all elected by you, our membership, at the last AGM. The idea is for our BOD (volunteers) to bring their expertise to the table and to do our best for our community.

As we become familiar with our positions on the Board, we are working hard at creating a transparent relationship with our members, and we are happy to share some early successes with our members:

Health and Safety

We are currently collaborating with staff and management to continue with health and safety at the lake. We have implemented several new safety measures to ensure the staff at the lake are safe as well as our members. These safety measures include:

  • 15-minute check – ins when staff are out on the ice and off – site,
  • Sending ice logs to the Health & Safety Committee every week,
  • Reviewing our Health and Safety plan, and
  • Developing a Cold Weather Policy.

COVID-19 has brought its challenges. However, we will continue to update the membership by email and on the LCRA website with any changes to the amenity status and rules. We thank you for your assistance in helping reduce the spread of COVID-19 by following government rules and guidelines.

Lake Ice

We are lucky to have Jen Voros a wonderful and experienced Facility and Assets Manager monitoring and developing our lake ice. Jen and her staff were able to open the lake for winter activities on December 10th and made sure the ice was in excellent condition throughout the winter holidays.

The lake is continuously profiled for ice measurements. When the ice is a certain thickness, the LCRA can take out the heavy machinery. We are incredibly happy to announce that the Olympia (aka the Zamboni) is now on the ice. We encourage you to take a skate on the lake path!


We heard you loud and clear at the 2021 Annual General Meeting (“AGM”). You want more communication, and we are working on it. We can update you on the following:

  • We added a Flag Status on the website, so that you can find out whether it is red or green, without having to phone or drive to the lake to find out. We also added another flagpole at the far end of the lake for more visibility.
  • The BOD can now be found on the website with their positions and contact information
  • The Trailblazer now lists the LCRA BOD with contact information. We have also differentiated ourselves by using a blue banner for all LCRA information.
  • We will be sending out monthly updates to inform members of events and activities at the lake via email and making regular posts on our Facebook and Instagram.
  • Updates have been made on the website; however, we are still developing the website, making it more user-friendly with accessible information.


As you are aware, we are seeing the impact of COVID-19 on our finances at the Lake. The LCRA is eagerly seeking grants to offset costs, ensuring the LCRA is being financially responsible to our membership.

We have updated our member site to include the Clear Path Engineering Study. The Study provides a five-year plan, outlining capital purchases and updates. The items in this Study are required to be undertaken  to ensure the long-term wellbeing of the lake.


We are happy to bring back activities and events at the lake. We hope you enjoyed the Holiday Skating and Fireworks (at the top of the hill for greater visibility across our community!). We will continue to provide events, respecting all guidelines provided by our local and provincial governments on COVID-19 Policies.

We have more events and activities planned in the upcoming months. Make sure to check out the website, Facebook, and your emails for updated information.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. The Board of Directors (BOD) is looking forward to developing open communication with our members. If you wish to email the BOD, please email [email protected] (we will also update the email address to [email protected], for now we are still using the old one…), also the BOD meets every first Tuesday of the month. If you wish to speak or present to the BOD, please notify the BOD in advance and we can add you to the agenda.

We hope you are enjoying the lake and all the park amenities. We are looking forward to another wonderful year at the lake.


Racim Gribaa

LCRA President