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Lake Hours 9am - 9pm

AGM Notice 2020 AGM, November 3, 2020 at 7pm (Cardel Rec South)

Winter Rules

Ice fishing and skating on the lake will only be permitted when management determines that the ice is safe and the DANGER THIN ICE signs are removed.

Please observe the Flag Warning System posted at the Lake/Park:

  • Red Flag: Water Front / Lake Ice is Closed or Dangerous
  • Green Flag: Water Front /Lake Ice is Safe or Open for use


These rules apply to all residents and their guests. Please ensure that everyone in your household and your guests using the lake facility are aware of these rules and follow all lake use regulations. If you are not aware of the lake use regulations, please ensure that you review them either at the lake office or on the Chaparral web site: under the section “Member Rules”.

Lake Chaparral homeowners must be aware of the risks in using the lake facilities and should act accordingly.  As stated in the Member Rules, The Chaparral Residents’ Association considers all users of the lake facility, including members, their families and their guests, to be solely responsible for any loss, accidents or injuries to themselves or others as a result of use of the lake facilities. 

Ice Conditions

The Lake Staff will be closely monitoring the ice thickness and the condition of the ice during the winter season. Notwithstanding the on-going monitoring, natural ice can and does constantly change. Please ensure you are using appropriate care and caution when you are on lake.  If you wish more information on lake ice, ice safety and how lake ice can change, please visit the lake house and speak with one of the Lake Staff.

Please be advised that use of the lake and lake ice is forbidden while a “Red” warning flag is displayed.   While the “Red” flag is raised, no persons will be allowed use of the lake, open water or ice. This means that the lake staff has determined that the weather, lake or ice conditions are adverse and may pose significant risk to residents and their guests.

Beach / Waterfront / Ice Communication System

A Red or Green Flag will be flown from two flagpoles. The poles are located in two areas so that everyone around the lake can see them. One is located at the Centre dock area and the other at the beach playground.  The flags will give visual notice stating whether the waterfront (lake ice, beach, or open water) is considered open or closed.  Please ensure that you take the time to observe one of the flags prior to using the lake or ice.

“Red” flag – indicates the Lake or Ice is closed and not available for use.

“Green” flag – indicates the Lake or Ice is not closed - use at your own risk.


Unless a Red flag is being flown, Ice fishing may be allowed after the skating surface is closed.  Please report fish caught to the Lake Office.

  • All homeowners must respect the fishing rules and limits. Please notify the office of the number of fish caught and kept.
  • Dog owners are reminded that their pets are not allowed within the Lake, Park or on Lake Access boundaries.  This includes the common green space and all walkways as well as access from lake front homes.
  • Please ensure adequate supervision of all children using common docks, green spaces and access walkways.  Be advised for safety sake – no one is allowed to walk, bike, or skateboard on any access walkway retaining wall.  Please walk only on pathway down to dock area.
  • There is NO alcohol/liquor of any kind, glass or smoking of any kind permitted on the lake accesses and lake property.
  • For a complete listing of  Lake rules please visit


New System for Chaparral Residents

Please take the time to ensure that you have set up your account online if you have not done so already. This will allow you to book your own cook shacks, update information on your account and pay fees online.  If you have not had a chance to register please log on to do so. If we already have your email information, all you need to do is attempt to log in using the Ivernet link below and click on “Forgot Password” email yourself a new password. Check your junk mail for the email from Ivernet to continue with registration or password reset.  If you do not have an email address on file please call the lake office at 403-254-4148 to update this information or stop by the lake office and speak with us directly. Once you are connected to Ivernet, please take the time to update all information, making sure all contact information is correct so we can keep you up to date on happenings at Lake Chaparral.

When we have your correct email address we can send you notices and invoices for encumbrance fees, making it an easier process come June 30th 2019 when fees are due.

Thank you for your participation in updating your account.


House Numbers on Docks

To Facilitate Safety, we are asking our Lakeside Residents to please have the house numbers on their dock. This helps us identify your home should anything happen on the lake that you need to be aware of.

Please call the Chaparral Residents Association office at 403-254-4148 or email should you have further questions or concerns.