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Skating and Hockey

Skating at Lake Chaparral is officially closed for the season. Thank you to everyone who came out to skate with us!

The RED flag is up and the lake ice is closed. 

Thank you in advance for respecting the red flag. 

The upper rink with fire pit and pathways on lake ice are for pleasure skating only, not hockey.

Pucks and hockey sticks are not permitted on upper rink.

There are four hockey rinks on the lake ice. Hockey and ringette can only be played on these rinks. No one will be allowed on the lake ice until the Facility management has determined the ice is an appropriate thickness and the DANGER THIN ICE signs have been taken down. For your own safety please respect the rules and the Safety Flag Warning System.

Please be aware that the lake ice is naturally occurring ice, and natural imperfections such as bumps and cracks are inevitable. It is not always possible for staff to maintain lake ice to a rink ice standard.

Helmets are strongly recommended.

Please use caution when using rubber mats to travel to ice rinks.