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Scuba Diving

The underwater course was designed for scuba diving. Any other activity would be considered extremely hazardous, and a reckless endangerment to personal safety. Management will not be held responsible for anyone that does not respect Lake Policies. Any violation of the above policy will result in a suspension of privileges for a period of time that is deemed appropriate by Facility Management

We suggest calling 12-48 hours prior to diving to book dive date and time with office. This will ensure availability.

Certified residents are allowed to dive weekdays, weekends, and holidays providing the waterfront is open and only during open hours for the Lake/Park/Facility. Residents may bring up to 5 guests if all are certified.

Only recreational diving (no instruction classes) allowed on Fri, Sat, Sun, Stat holidays unless approved by management.

No diving during park Special Events unless approved by Facility Manager.

The maximum number of divers allowed in the lake to dive at one time is 20 persons.

Dive gear must not be left anywhere on beach, please use the grass area in between the lake docks and the stream bed next to the beach area (before the bridge).

Anyone under 18 years must be accompanied by an adult certified diver.

All scuba divers (resident/guests) are required to:

  • present lake membership card
  • sign in and out at the Facility office and must provide proof of their certification card at each dive
  • sign current waiver form each time
  • use a diver down float and flag
  • dive with a certified partner

Divers must exit the water 30 minutes prior to park closing, or sunset, or if signaled with 3 loud consecutive blasts.