Residents Assoication

The Chaparral Residents Association (“CRA”) is a non-profit organization that is governed by a Board of Directors made up of community members. The CRA governs the private membership of our community. All residential property owners within the community of Lake Chaparral are automatically members of the Chaparral Residents Association.

The Chaparral Residents Association is the association tat governs the private membership of Lake Chaparral and its facilities. Each home within the Lake Chaparral Community is encumbered to pay an annual membership due to the CRA. The annual dues are utilized for the day to day operations of the lake property and all of its facilities, maintaining an appropriate reserve fund and making long term planning decisions for the lake and its assets.

For inquiries about the Lake Chaparral Park and Recreation Centre please contact the Lake Chaparral Residents Association and 403-254-4148.

Our Hours

Current Hours: 9am - 8pm

Phone: 403-254-4148

Fax: 403-254-4149