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A resident is the homeowner(s) and/or their spouse and their unmarried children who are living at the residence.

Residents will possess a valid membership card to demonstrate that they are in good standing for access to the Lake/Park.

Each resident must present a valid/current membership card in order to gain entrance into the Lake/Park.
Proof of Lake Chaparral residence is required at all times when entering the park. If a member has forgotten their card they will have the option of purchasing a new one for $5.00. If a Membership Card has been lost or damaged, the member will be charged a $5.00 replacement fee, unless the card is older than 3 years.

The encumbrance membership fees are due by June 30th of every year and are payable to the Chaparral Residents Association Ltd. They may be paid by cheque through the mail or can be paid directly at the Facility office with cheque, debit, or cash.

For renters to have access, the landlord is required to complete a transfer of lake privileges form available at the lake office, indicating the transfer of lake privileges to the renters. (Homeowners have the choice of keeping or relinquishing privileges to their renters. One or the other NOT both.)

Membership entitles you to the following:

  • Lake/Park amenity use
  • Equipment use/rental (boats, balls, games, etc.) with valid lake card.
  • Fishing
  • Opportunity to rent the Recreation room, cookshacks, and make large group bookings (at additional rental fee)
  • Opportunity to register for planned activities and programs offered at the lake/park

Residents under 12 years of age are not permitted into the park unless accompanied by someone over the age of 12.

Residents ages 12-15 will have a valid lake card, and are allowed to check in 2 guests at any given time.

Adult residents (16 years and older) are allowed 6 guests at any given time; all guests must be signed in at the front gate.

Please note: All Chaparral Residents must check in under their own lake card. Guests are considered to be anyone living in Chaparral Valley,Chaparral Ridge and any other community outside of Lake Chaparral.

Families (2 or more Adult card holders) are allowed a maximum of 16 guests at any given time. Any more than this is considered a large group and residents need to book ahead and pay for a large group booking, providing a list of all guests; prior to entry.