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Lakefront & Lake Access Homeowners

Private Docks must not exceed 8x10 and must remain architecturally true to the original design.

Lake Access Docks and Pathways are the property of the Chaparral Residents Association (CRA) and all rules and regulations apply to these common areas.

Lake Access gate keys will not be issued to residents. If a resident needs access to the lake access pathway please contact the office a minimum of 5 business days prior to scheduling any deliveries or work so that appropriate arrangements can be made to gain access. All projects must be approved by management. Any unapproved projects/activities on accesses will result in member suspension and fines. Vehicles, bobcats, etc are not permitted on the lake access pathways at any time.

Five meter distance from personal docks is allowed when using inflatables, otherwise life jackets must be worn at all times.

Life jackets must be worn on personal flotation devices at all times.

No pets permitted in private boats or swimming from private docks. This applies in the winter months; no pets/animals permitted on the ice.

Lake Chaparral Facility boats are not to be docked at private lake home docks.

No after hours use of the park or lake is permitted when the park is closed. Please respect the park/lake hours. Use outside of the designated hours of operation is deemed trespassing.

Fishing from private docks is permitted but all fishing rules apply. Please notify the lake office of the number of fish caught.

The chemical balance of the lake is a top priority with our staff. We all want our water safe and for the ecosystem to be friendly to our fish. We ask that residents do not apply chemicals to control algae/weeds. The Lake/Park staff regularly apply eco-friendly chemicals for this purpose. Please contact the Facility Office before using any chemicals. Please do not drain anything from your backyard (ie; hot tubs, chemicals, etc.) into the lake as it can have major affects on the lake ecosystem

Dock maintenance of private docks is the responsibility of homeowners and must follow the specifications of the Chaparral Residents Association.

The lake staff closely monitors the safety of the lake ice for public use both in the fall and spring. DO NOT go onto lake ice before Lake/Park Management advises it is safe to do so. Please be aware that notification will be sent to Lake/Access homes when thin ice signs go up and come down. Please address any questions to the Lake office at 403- 254-4148.

Lake Staff do not maintain private skating areas.

Lake Access private walkways are not maintained in the winter.

Please be aware that noise really carries across water, please be considerate of your neighbors.