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Lake Hours 9am - 9pm

AGM Notice 2020 AGM, November 3, 2020 at 7pm (Cardel Rec South)

Issuance of Membership Cards

The procedure for obtaining Lake Membership cards:

The registered homeowner must:

  • Provide a copy of their Certificate of Title for the registered property showing an Encumbrance to the Chaparral Residents Association
  • Complete a membership application form available at the Lake office and list all members living in the house.

Rental Properties:

  • The registered homeowner must complete a transfer of privileges/rental agreement application form available at the lake office, stating that the owner has relinquished lake/park privileges over to the named tenants. One or the other; both parties cannot have lake access.

All forms and Land Titles are kept on file at the lake house under each Chaparral Address.

It may be necessary to wait a few business days in order for the application form to be processed. After that, eligible family members may come in for their pictures during park hours. Only those 12 years and over will receive a membership card. Children under the age of 12 are expected to be checked in and supervised by an adult.

Family members 18 years of age or older are required to provide proof of Lake Chaparral residence (e.g. a drivers license, credit card bill, etc.) before a member picture is taken, and the lake card is issued.

Additional Resident Memberships (e.g. nanny, elderly parents) are available upon successful application from homeowner; the homeowner must complete an add a member form. Proof that the applicant presently resides at the registered property (e.g; Drivers license, utility bill) is expected before the member can be added to the address and issued a lake card. Valid proof of residency is required each year for anyone over the age of 18 who resides at the address but isn't the registered owner listed on the Land Title.

Proof of Lake Chaparral residence is required at all times when entering the park (e.g; valid lake card). If a member has forgotten their card, during peak times, they may be asked to go get it, purchase a new card or, to step aside while those with cards are checked in, then they may be checked in.

If a Membership Card has been lost or damaged, the member will be charged a $5.00 fee for a replacement card, if the request is within 3 years of a membership card being issued.