PHONE: 403-254-4148


Lake Hours 9am - 9pm

AGM Notice 2020 AGM, November 3, 2020 at 7pm (Cardel Rec South)

Ice Fishing


  • You must leave your lake card at the office before you start fishing.
  • Know what areas you are allowed to fish by looking at the map and asking for clarification from the staff.
  • Lakefront and lake access residents must follow the rules and register catches so that lake management can monitor approximate fish numbers – call the office with your catch numbers (403) 254-4148
  • One guest allowed to fish with one resident and guests need to follow all of the fishing rules
  • Ice fishing is only permitted when the CRA determines has removed the “Danger Thin Ice” signs and the Green Flag is flying.
  • Fishermen can only have 1 open hole at any given time. All holes must be filled and packed with snow prior to drilling a new one.
  • All holes must be a minimum of 5 feet apart. Ice fishing huts are allowed but may not be left up overnight.
  • Pack your fishing hole with snow before you go home for the day.

Take your perch with you – do not leave them on the ice.



  • Rod and hook fishing only – no net fishing
  • Barbless hooks only
  • One rod per fisher


Lake Chaparral Ice Fishing Areas Map