General Rules & Information

In accordance with city bylaws, there is no smoking of any kind permitted anywhere in the park and lake facilities at any time (this includes e-cigarettes, vaporizors, bongs, etc.).

GUARDIANS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CHILDREN AT ALL TIMES. Unattended youth may be asked to leave the park. Staff may also contact parents if their children are left unattended.

Behavior in the Park must be appropriate. There will be no tolerance for fighting, foul language and inappropriate behavior. This will result in suspension of Lake/Park privileges. Residents must do their part to keep the park safe and fun for everyone.

The phone provided in the front lobby is a courtesy phone only. Please keep calls short and appropriate.

There is a lost and found bucket beside the vending machines. The Chaparral Residents Association is not responsible for any lost, damaged, or misplaced items.

Please do not leave valuables unattended in the skate change room. The office staff will not be responsible for keeping personal belongings, such as car keys, bags, etc. There are lockers available for day use; please bring your own lock. Any locks left on at close each night will be cut and contents added to the lost and found bucket.

Check Lake/Park/Facility bulletin boards for postings of Lake/Park notices as well as public information. Office staff must first review (date/initial) any information before it will be posted and will remove anything not signed. All ads will be on the board for 1 month, then removed by lake staff.

Bicycles, tricycles, strider bikes, scooters, skate boards, long boards, roller blades, battery operated child vehicles,etc. are not permitted in the park at any time and must be kept at the bike racks beside the parking lot.

Glass containers of any kind are not permitted in the park. (ie; pickle jars, relish, salsa, etc.) Please plan ahead if you are planning a picnic or outdoor party at the lake.

Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the park at any time. Any alcohol/liquor found in the park will be confiscated and the resident/guest will be asked to leave immediately.

Pets are not permitted in the park any time, including residents private boats/docks. Only seeing-eye/aid dogs are allowed with valid identification. Please do not tie your dog to the lake fence or leave them in your vehicle while you are enjoying our amenities.

No rock throwing in the park at any time. Absolutely no climbing or wading around waterfall areas/stream beds. Stream beds and waterfalls are completely off limits as a play area. Do not remove rocks from stream beds. Please do not use stream beds as a foot wash. There is a courtesy shower located beside the garage to rinse feet, etc after lake use. Please do not use soap or other products in the shower; it is for rinsing off only.

No umbrellas or tents spiked into the grass areas.


Our Hours
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Summer Hours

June 1st-Aug 31



*Hours are subject to change based on weather and usage throughout the seasons*