PHONE: 403-254-4148




Cookshacks are for residents in good standing only and can be booked for hourly use. Booking a Cookshack requires full payment and rental agreement signed at time of booking. All bookings must be made in person during lake hours. Please contact the Facility Office at 403-254-4148 for information. You can also book online at

Cookshack maximum number of guests is 50 non-resident and is $10.00 an hour. A guest list is required for all rentals. Residents are only permitted to rent one (1) facility at a time.

Briquette use only in park barbecues. Please leave coals for staff to dispose of safely.

Please note: All online bookings must be approved by Lake Chaparral Staff, and all online payments are subject to a $9.50 Credit Card Convenience Fee. 

No alcohol/liquor/glass/smoking is permitted in the park at any time.