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Lake Hours 9am - 9pm

AGM Notice 2020 AGM, November 3, 2020 at 7pm (Cardel Rec South)

Boating - Rowboats, Canoes, Pedal Boats, Kayaks & Paddleboards

  • The CRA management does not provide any form of supervision or lifeguards for park/lake use and all boating activities are done at the risk of the Members and guests.
  • Residents must present their valid lake card at time of rental, no exceptions. The CRA cannot accept drivers’ licence, or any other form of I.D. The resident on the lake card must match the person making the boat rental.
  • Boat use always requires at least one resident on the boat. Only members 16 years or older are permitted to use the boats alone; any of those aged 15 and younger must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Boating, fishing, and swimming are permitted in designated areas only. The facility office can answer any questions regarding these policies.
  • The facility office and/or boathouse provides lifejackets. Please return facility lifejackets immediately after using the boats. Facility lifejackets are not to be used for swimming.
  • All lakeside residents must provide their own life jackets when using their own boats, SUP boards, canoes, or inflatables of any kind. (e.g. personal floatation devices, inner tubes, etc.)
  • As stated in the City of Calgary Bylaw all residents and guests must always wear lifejackets, when using a personal watercraft or any of the CRA boats or SUP boards or canoes.
  • All boats should be operated in a prudent and safe manner. Any reckless or dangerous operation of lake equipment may result in temporary suspension to boating privileges, a temporary suspension to Lake membership, or a permanent ban to boating privileges.
  • Wind Surfing is not permitted on the lake at any time.
  • Gas motors are not permitted for use on any boats (except for the CRA safety motorboat).
  • Electronic trolling motors are permitted. However trolling motors are limited to a maximum 30lbs of thrust (7-8 km/hr max).
  • Battery operated toys/boats may be operated off the shore line between the docks and the first stream bed. Battery toy powered boats are not to exceed 20lbs of thrust (4-5 km/hr max).
  • CRA facility boats, SUP boards, and canoes must not be pulled up onto the shoreline, rocks, or onto the beach area or any private home or lake access shoreline and access area surrounding the lake. Facility boats must not be taken to or docked at lakefront or lake access properties.
  • Jumping/swimming from any boat is strictly prohibited.
  • All boats must come ashore immediately when potentially hazardous conditions exist, such as lightning, high winds and storms.
  • Announcements will be made and are to be followed. As well, three marine air horn blasts will be made to notify all boaters to come into shore. The blasts will also notify lake homeowners of inclement weather and to avoid using their personal boats during this time. Please watch the following video for Lake Chaparral's Weather Warning Procedure:  
  • During busy times please keep use of boats to 1/2 hour (30 mins).
  • Boats must stay at least 12 feet away from any scuba dive down flag/float. Please do not risk endangering the divers.
  • Facility boats, SUP boards, and canoes must return to docks at least 3/4 hour (45 mins) before closing time.
  • Facility boats, SUP, canoes etc. will be unable for rent an hour before closing time.