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Beach & Swimming

GUARDIANS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR SUPERVISION OF CHILDREN AT ALL TIMES. No life guards on duty, life jackets are recommended. All park/lake use is at your own risk.

The use of a flotation device, e.g. inner tubes, air mattresses, and beach toys can only be used inside the marked swimming area.

Life-jackets are required for use of anyone outside of the designated swimming area. 

Water depth off the beach area can vary. The float balls indicate an average 10ft. depth.

The float balls off the beach indicate the cordoned off swimming area boundary.

Please be advised that the City of Calgary Bylaw #9084 states that life-jackets must be worn on any flotation device used on a city water way.

Remember there is NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY.

It is recommended that distance swimmers swim parallel to the swim area not across the lake. The area across the lake is privately owned and no stopping is allowed.

Residents and their guests wanting to distance swim the lake (e.g. Triathlon) are required, as a safety procedure, to sign in and out of the water at the Facility office in the "Divers" binder provided.

Please change and dispose of used diapers in the facility washrooms, where receptacles are provided. Changing of diapers on the beach and disposing of diapers in outside garbage cans is not permitted. Swimming diapers are recommended.

Clothing is required for everyone using the beach/swim area.

No Diving! (No head first entry anywhere within the lake area).