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About Chaparral Residents Association

The Chaparral Residents Association (CRA)is a non profit organization that is governed by a Board of Directors made up of community members.

Genstar was initially responsible for the development and maintenance of the community of Lake Chaparral and its amenities. This responsibility was turned over to the Chaparral Residents Association in 2008.

The CRA governs the private membership of our community. All residential property owners within the community of Lake Chaparral are automatically members of the Chaparral Residents Association and are subject to mandatory annual fees, as laid out by the caveats registered on each property.

The CRA is responsible for enforcement of Restrictive Covenants on all residential properties and landscape maintenance of the public areas, including Lake Chaparral and the surrounding park.

Lake Chaparral is a 33 acre lake with an average depth of 35 feet. It is complimented by a 22 acre park. The lake was completed in November 1995. 1.2 million cubic meters of earth were moved. 200 million gallons of water were used to fill the lake, taking 49 days to fill. Did you know there is also an under water scuba diving course in the lake! The amenities include a beautifully landscaped park with cascading waterfalls, recreational building with social room and kitchen, sandy beach, fishing, boating, toboggan run, children's playground areas, winter skating rink, picnic areas and cook shelter, tennis, basketball and beach volleyball courts, and walking path.

The lake and park are open 365 days a year. To register as an online member please visit Click Here this enables you to update your account, book facilities and update your personal information.