Guest Policy

CURRENT COVID GUEST POLICY: 6 GUESTS PER HOUSEHOLD (excluding children under the age of 12)

  • Members must sign in all guests with staff at the front gate prior to entry into the park.
  • Members MUST always stay on the premises with their guests. If the member is leaving, they are responsible for ensuring their guests are leaving at the same time. No exceptions. Members are NOT allowed to sign in other Lake Chaparral Residents; each resident is to check themselves in upon arrival.
  • Guests are not entitled to any equipment rental privileges (e.g.: Basketballs, Tennis Rackets, Boats) at any time.
  • Residents under 12 will not be permitted into the park unless accompanied by someone over the age of 12.
  • Residents aged 12-15 can check in 2 guests at any given time.
    Adult residents aged 16 and up can check in 6 guests at any given time; registered at the front gate.
  • A family (2 or more adult cardholders entering the park at the same time) may bring up to a maximum of 16 guests at any given time. Any more than this and the residents will be required to book and pay for a large group booking, including providing a list of all guests, prior to their entry.
  • Groups larger than 6 guests are considered a large group. A large group is only permitted into the park upon 48 hours’ notice, the approval of park management, and the payment of an additional user fee. Information regarding the booking and the fee is available at the facility office.
  • Only two large groups are permitted in the park per day, on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Lake Chaparral members always assume full responsibility for their guests and their actions when participating in the Lake/Park Facility amenities. All guests are subject to all rules and regulations of the facilities and amenities and it is the responsibility of the members to ensure their guests’ compliance with the same.