Fishing & Ice Fishing Rules


A member wanting to fish must leave their lake card at the facility office before commencing to fish.

At this time, the LCRA has implemented a catch and release for (ALL) Trout and Grass Carp. They are to be released immediately and safely returned to the lake. To ensure minimal injury to the fish all lures, hooks and flies must be single hooks only and all hooks must be barbless.

All perch caught are to be kept or disposed of properly. Perch are not to be returned to the lake.

All person’s fishing are subject to inspection of their gear and tackle to ensure compliance of the rules.

Catching and keeping of Grass Carp is not permitted. Grass Carp are to be released immediately and safety returned to the lake.

Lake lot members must abide by all fishing rules, no exceptions.

Fishing is only allowed in the following locations and is subject to the following conditions:

  • Along the shoreline in the designated park area west of the boat ramp.
  • From row boats and canoes away from dock and beach areas.
  • From the shore of individual lake or lake access lots.
  • Feeding or baiting fish to lure them to a specific area within the lake is prohibited.
  • Fishing by means of netting or trapping is prohibited. Fishing with a hook and rod only, is permitted.
  • One fishing rod per person.
  • One guest per member can fish.
  • Storing of trapped fish within the lake is not allowed
  • Members or guests may NOT use corn or live bait when fishing
  • Cleaning fish inside the park is not permitted at any time.


The rules regarding catch and release require:

  • Lip hooking
  • Single hooks only. No treble hooks.
  • No use of a fishing net.
  • No live bait.
  • Proper minimal handling of the fish and removal of hook with pliers; and
  • Use of barb-less hooks

The recommended bait to use in fishing includes:

  • Cheese slices
  • Power bait
  • Fresh white bread
  • Small hooks and fly-fishing flies

To ensure a healthy ecosystem for the stocked fish, there is absolutely no introduction of live fish to the lake.

Ice Fishing

  • All general fishing rules apply as expressly stated herein.
  • Ice fishing is only permitted when the CRA determines has removed the Danger Thin Ice signs.
  • Ice Fishing is permitted anywhere within the cleared skating path but not within 10 meters of any prepared ice surfaces (skating path and hockey rinks.) All surfaces may have rough spots so please use caution.
  • Fishermen can only have 1 open hole at any given time. All holes must be filled and packed with snow prior to drilling a new one.
  • All holes must be minimum of 5 feet apart. Ice fishing huts are allowed but may not be left up overnight.
  • No more than one guest per member is permitted to fish.